One day Sheri went up to visit her friend Kathy who was preparing some food to share with others. When she arrived, the kitchen was filled with an aroma that seemed like a restaurant; Kathy was cooking up a storm!


Her friend was looking at one of the recipes, which called for fresh green beans.  Winter had come and all grocery stores in this little town of Enterprise, Oregon had stopped selling green beans months before and no other location sold fresh green beans at this time of year ever!

Sadly Sheri exclaimed “I guess we can’t make this recipe, lets choose a different one, we can’t get green beans at this time of year.”  When Kathy, a very religious and out-spoken Christain heard this, she said “We are going to make this recipe, I know we can find fresh green beans, we just need to trust that God will help us find them!”

Sheri questioned her friend Kathy and thought she was a little crazy in the head, but Kathy insisted that they go down from their house to the local Safeway in Enterprise Oregon.  Reluctantly, she accompanied her friend into town wondering how crazy her friend was to think or even imagine that there would be any fresh green beans at this time of year.


After they walked into Safeway, Sheri went to the produce section and found there were NOT any fresh green beans, just like she expected!  She showed Kathy that there were no fresh green beans and almost laughed at her crazy notion that there could be any such thing in the store, “Obviously they don’t sell those here at this time of year,” she said.

However Kathy would’t give up!  She emphatically insisted that “There must be green beans, God is going to give us fresh green beans, I just know it,” she exclaimed!

Sheri was beginning to get a little frustrated with the situation, then it got even more awkward, Kathy stopped the store manager as he was walking by and asked him, “Do you think you might have some fresh green beans, sir?”  “No, we stopped carrying them mid summer,” the manager kindly told her.  “Sir, you must understand something, we are children of the King, please go back and get us the fresh green beans!” Kathy said.  He then repeated the same thing he had said before, but Kathy would have none of it!

Sheri was getting more and more weirded out by this entire situation as you can imagine, but finally after much coaxing, the store manager humored her request, went to the back, and checked… To his disbelief he came out with the green beans in his hands, “I don’t understand this” he said, “I order all the produce for this store every day and I have NEVER ordered any fresh green beans, in fact you cannot order fresh green beans at this time of year in this location, I don’t know what happened, but I found these in the back. They must be for you.”


Sheri couldn’t believe what just happened in front of her eyes, but knew that God was looking out for them in even the smallest of things and even the most unimportant or seemingly small situations.  Kathy had faith that she would find fresh green beans and even though it seemed like a crazy request she asked God and had faith that God would provide.

Sheri still remembers this story as one of the craziest experiences and direct answers to prayer she has ever witnessed.

Whether big or small, God wants to answer our prayers.  Through faith, anything is possible, even fresh green beans at the most unlikely time of the year! – God answers prayers.


“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 (ESV BIBLE)

This is a true story, but names of people have been changed to protect their privacy.

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