He was looking for a place to get some coffee while on a trip in Honolulu, however it was early in the morning, around 3:00AM and there was only one place that appeared to be open.

He didn’t even want to touch the menu, the place looked so dirty and sleazy.  Finally he decided to order some coffee and a donut.  As he was sipping some of his coffee, suddenly the door swung open and, to his discomfort, in marched eight or nine provocative and boisterous prostitutes.

He felt very out of place and uncomfortable since he was the only other customer aside from the other prostitutes who had just come in.  The conversation was getting loud and crude, so he started to head for the door, but that’s when he heard something that sparked his interest, he couldn’t believe it!


The women next to him said: “Tomorrow’s my birthday. I’m going to be 39.”
Her “friend” responded in a nasty tone, “So what do you want from me? A birthday party? What do you want? Ya want me to get you a cake and sing ‘Happy Birthday’?”
“Come on,” said the woman sitting next to me. “Why do you have to be so mean? I was just telling you, that’s all. Why do you have to put me down? I was just telling you it was my birthday. I don’t want anything from you. I mean, why should you give me a birthday party? I’ve never had a birthday party in my whole life. Why should I have one now?”

When he heard this, he had a bright idea.  His heart was touched and he wanted to do something nice for her!

After the prostitutes had left, he got the attention of the guy behind the counter and asked him if they came there often.  “Yeah!” he replied. “That’s Agnes. Yeah, she comes in here every night.”

He then told the guy behind the counter, “I heard her say that tomorrow is her birthday, What do you say you and I do something about that? What do you think about us throwing a birthday party for her—right here—tomorrow night?”

He thought it was a great idea, so Tony came back at 2:30 the next morning and helped decorate the diner with some crepe-paper he had picked up.  He even cut out a big piece of card board that read, “Happy Birthday, Agnes!” and helped get her cake ready!cake-birthday

The women who did the cooking got the word out on the street, because nearly every prostitute in Honolulu came early for the birthday party! It was wall-to-wall prostitutes …and Tony! At 3:30 on the dot, the door of the diner swung open, and in came Agnes and her friend. Tony got everyone ready and when they came in we all screamed, “Happy birthday!”

Tony had NEVER seen anyone so flabbergasted, so stunned and …so shaken. Her mouth fell open. Her legs seemed to buckle a bit. Her friend even grabbed her arm to steady her. As she was led to sit on one of the stools along the counter, they all sang “Happy Birthday”‘ to her. As the song came to an end her eyes moistened. Then, when the birthday cake with all the candles on it was carried out, she lost it and just openly cried.

Everyone wanted to eat the cake, but Agnes kindly asked if she could save it longer.  She had never had a birthday cake before and never had a birthday party before.  The love that was shown was so great that she couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down.

She then left with the cake, she was in tears and almost seemed like she could hardly handle the emotional moment in her life.  As she walked away, everyone was silent, then not knowing what else to do, he broke the silence by saying, “What do you say we pray?”

It seemed weird that he was praying with a bunch of prostitutes in a diner in Honolulu at 3:30 in the morning. But at that moment, it felt like the right thing to do!  He then prayed for Agnes. He prayed for her salvation. He prayed that her life would be changed and that God would be good to her.

Years later, Tony was was at his home when he received a letter. He began to read, but to his astonishment and surprise, this letter was from Agnes the prostitute!  He couldn’t believe his eyes!

The letter was from Agnes herself, thanking him years later for his kind act he had done!  To his amazement, she also wrote that she was no longer working as a prostitute!  She now had a better life because of his kindness and prayer.

Christians can say they are following God, but only those who truly show love and treat it as an action are those that can make a true difference! – Tony was once asked, “What church do you belong to?” Tony replied, “I belong to a church that throws birthday parties for whores at 3:30 in the morning.”

Her life was turned around all because of one kind, unselfish and thoughtful act.  Let’s make a difference in this world today and show love to one another!

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It’s also in the Bible: 1 John 4:8 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

SOURCE: This true story comes from Tony Campolo’s book “The Kingdom of God Is a Party” as he relates an experience he had late one night in Hawaii.

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