“I’ve just experienced a cat mystery,” says Laura of Duncan, Canada. Or perhaps a cat miracle? Just wait till you hear this story’s ending…


A stray prince of a cat sailed in to her backyard on day, majestically dressed in white fur and grey tabby markings. Laura, an avid cat-lover, knew that this aristocrat was not a stray, but simply lost.


This sweet woman was determined to help the kitty find his home – she gave him food and water while looking for his microchip tag in his ear. After calling the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, they phoned the cat’s owners in Kamloops. This town was over six hours away, including a ferry trip!


How did this cat get so far from home? The person who answered the phone was the family’s nanny, Tayla. She thought it was completely im-paws-ible that Prince, their kitty, was so far away! Tayla had taken a trip up north, but hadn’t even stopped in that town. How had the kitty cat travelled with them for a week in a truck without them even knowing it?


The whole story was in-cat-ceivable. But this kitty’s guardian angels were looking out for him. Prince was given to the nanny’s mother, who agreed to take him to his home, where everyone was so relieved their kitty was safe and sound. “When Prince arrived home he wanted outside, instead we put him under house arrest for a few days,” Tayla laughed.


How could a cat make a six hour drive with a ferry ride, walk another two miles from the highway, to find himself in someone else’s backyard? While his humans thought he was still in their own backyard? It remains a mystery and a miracle that he came back safe and sound, but we are so glad this surprising kitty found his way home.


God was watching out for Prince! As one of God’s creatures, Prince has a heavenly Father looking out for his benefit. And this is true for humans too — God loves all his creatures dearly, cats and humans. “The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.” Psalms 145:9

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Source: The Cottage Grove Sentinel, 12/3/2014 Volume 7A Photo credit jenya

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