“Recently, on a Friday afternoon, my mom brought home an adorable part-Siamese kitten; she was barely four weeks old. My mom shut her in then bathroom for safe keeping and went to pick up my sister. When they got home, there was no kitten to be found.


There was only one place she could have gone: down the furnace vent in the bathroom floor. They called our neighbor, who was busy finishing a carpentry job, and begged him to help them find their lost pet. He began dismantling the furnace ducting system in our basement ceiling. Once he had it apart, he used mirrors and flashlights to search for her in the dark tunnels of the metal duct work. At first they could hear faint mewing, which let them know that she was still okay; but after a while there was only silence.


My mom and sister went to vent in the basement bedroom, calling and listening intently, but it seemed futile, since the tiny kitten didn’t yet know and trust them. They began sending up desperate prayers. Finally they heard a faint meow coming from the furnace room. They realized she was either inside the furnace or very close to it. Then they heard the scraping of claws as she fell further down the duct. Our neighbor, Mr. Christison, decided there was only one way to get at her; he had to cut into the funnel-shaped casing above the furnace.


Then he reached in and pried her from a precarious perch on a narrow ledge, cutting his hand on the razor-sharp metal in the process. My mom and sister scooped up their precious bundle, rushing upstairs to give her some nourishment. At sunset, Mr. Christian trudged home with a bloodied hand, rejoicing – in spite of his changed plans – in the afternoon’s rescue.

kitten-stuck-in-ventIMage example / source:https://www.reddit.com/r/Awwducational/comments/1pgr66/

In spite of His [Jesus’s] loving care, sometimes I wander from Christ’s secure presence and try to rely on my own judgment. Jesus never uses force, but longs for me to trust Him for help and guidance. He early waits, listening for my first faint cry for help so He can come to my rescue.”

– written by Desiree Andrews from More Than Words, A Daily Devotional, emphasis added.

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