A true Christmas story from “Christmas In The Heart, 2002” A young minister and his wife were having a particular harsh winter and the money was all gone, there wasn’t even food to last another day and to make matters worse, their only well that gave them water was frozen and dry…

It wasn’t a good year and they thought that God had given up on them.

They didn’t understand why hard times had hit them so bad especially during Christmas time.  They were a very generous couple and were having a hard time understand why it was so hard.  They almost gave up on God, but then one Christmas everything changed…

Their boys really wanted some skates for the ice this Christmas and wouldn’t stop talking about it, but little did they know the true poverty their family was in at this time.

Ruth their daughter had also been talking about a new wax doll that she wanted so badly, but sadly both parents didn’t have the heart to tell their kids that there would be no gifts this Christmas…

There were no gifts this christmas and hardly enough food to even survive…

the-box-story-2 The morning before Christmas James the father was called to see a sick man in town, he was gone for awhile, and it began to get later.  She decided to put the kids to bed because she couldn’t bare to hear them talking about what they wanted for Christmas. (knowing that nobody would be getting gifts because of their poverty…)

It was almost too much to bear hearing her sweet doughter in the other room praying for the doll she wanted and for her brothers that they would get their skates…

The sweet mother’s heart nearly broke to hear this as she thought of Christmas tomorrow when nobody would be getting anything… As she began to think, she cried bitter tears and wanted to give up on herself and her trust and hope in God.

She wanted too give up and die, the pain was almost too much to bear…

the-box-story-1 “I wanted to just die and meet God and tell him that his promise wasn’t true, my soul was so full of rebellious despair…”

All of a sudden as she cried and wanted to give up on all hope, she heard a noise outside, it was the sound of bells. She heard someone knocking outside, when she opened the door and it was a neighbor from the town: “A box came by express just before dark. I wanted to bring it for you quick before Christmas, I was also instructed by my wife to bring you a turkey, a basket of potatoes and a bag of flour…”

They couldn’t believe what had just happened.  Both James and his wife wanted to give up on all hope for Christmas, but then this surprise visitor had come! They were thankful that they had some food to eat, but also decided to open the box wondering who might have shipped something so close to Christmas and especially via Express mail!

When they opened the box that was sent, they couldn’t believe their eyes.  First they saw a lovely thick red blanket, but beneath that the box was full of clothing…

James sat down and cover his face with his hands. “I can’t touch them!” he said… “I haven’t been true, just when God was trying to see if I could hold out…”  Both James and his wife knelt down on the floor and cried because they believed that God had come through for them with a little something to give their kids and some food to eat!

They decided to wait till the morning to open the rest of the box…When they woke up at around 11 am, they had a real surprise waiting!

When they opened the rest of the box, they found a full suit of clothes for each of the boys and a little red gown for Ruth their daughter. There were also mittens, scarves and hoods in the box, they couldn’t believe it!

As they began to remove the many gifts from the surprise box, they came upon something amazing: It was a two pairs of skates, sized perfectly for both of the boys and under that was wax doll, just what their daughter had wanted!! Inclosed at the bottom of the box were needles, buttons, stories for the children to read and even a $10 gold piece!

They also pulled out a set of boots for the boys, on the bottom of them a loving hand had written: “I, the Lord thy God, will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee: fear not, I will help thee.”

With tears in everyones eyes, they prayed and thanked God for answering their prayers with the unknown package, they didn’t know how anyone could have known exactly what their kids wanted for Christmas… They knew it must have been a miracle from God showing them that God’s promises hold true without fail, even at the last minute and even on Christmas!

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True story first posted via ‘NoGreaterJoy.org‘ and also in the Review & Herald, 2015.

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