Amanda Gaspard, a Christain Seventh-Day Adventist was in charge of the conference and luncheon in San Bernardino, California, when a gun-fire rampage broke out killing 14 and injuring over 17 others on December 2nd, but there’s more to her story… san-bernardino-shooting-4Amanda was shot a few times and came close to death, but was rushed to the Loma Linda Adventist Hospital for critical care.

Thankfully after extensive surgery, Amanda is now making recovering, but she had one thing to say after this horrific event.

After watching her friends die in a puddle of blood next to her, she now has something that she wanted everyone to hear, but the media isn’t covering it at all.

She believes that God spared her life when the male attacker pointed the gun at her but instead of shooting her dead, he shot her leg. reported, “Seventh-day Adventist believer who miraculously escaped a mass shooting in southern California with nonlife-threatening head, arm, and leg injuries says she hopes the tragedy will somehow alert people that Jesus is coming soon.”

“She was in charge of the meeting that day. In God’s mercy, she had just dismissed everyone for a short break or there would have been more people in the room,” her mother, Diane Gaspard, told the Adventist Review on Thursday.

We’re seeing terrible shootings everyday, but this shooting is in fact the deadliest mass shooting that has happened in the United States since 26 children and teachers died in the Connecticut grade school in 2012.

As horrific events like this seem to be in the rise, it’s hard to see any ‘good’ in this world, but Amanda, an Adventist Christian, still finds hope.

gettyimages-499859786_custom-c3e7f667bc8b56d4b2030f0f78810b27dd59f994-s1600-c85“Amanda’s faith is so strong. She witnesses constantly,” Diane Gaspard said. “We believe that because of her loving kindness the shooter did not kill her. He stood over her and shot her. He could easily have aimed at her head but shot her in the leg instead,” reported via AdventistReview.

“When we talked to her, she said, ‘Mama, pray that this incident could be used to witness for the Lord that He is coming soon,’” said Amanda’s mom.

Even in the toughest times Amanda has remained selfless. Instead of resentment towards those that hurt her and killed so many of her good friends and coworkers right in front of her, Amanda has chosen to keep positive and point others towards Jesus.

An attitude like this during such a hard time isn’t something you see everyday—Even through this very scary near-death experience Amanda wants to tell others that Jesus is the answer.

Even though we don’t know why bad things happen to good people, God is there to be the one comfort and strength our world desperately needs.

And remember that I am always with you until the end of the world” —Matthew 28:20

God has also promised us in Psalms 91 that He’ll be with us even through the hardest of times—He’s the hope this world needs during hard times like these.

H/T:, Img credit: pix11, Img credit 2 NPR via: Marcus Yam/LA Times via Getty Images

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