After catching the women red-handed, this sympathetic police officer did what he knew he had to do! This heartwarming video was thankfully caught on camera via Facebook user Robert ‘Dollar’ Tripp who had just recently posted it on Dec. 6.  Since then it has been viewed over 580,000 times. “He said, ‘If I give you these eggs, will you promise that you won’t shoplift anymore?'” Reno told “He knew that she was telling the truth and that’s the reason he went in and bought the eggs.” (Via the CP) william-stacy It’s a hard life sometimes, but that doesn’t constitute stealing. However, what this officer did, might be the best example of how we can really teach others a lesson in a way that will impact them forever and in a NON-violent way… If mores people committed kind acts like this instead of violence, just imagine the world we would live in? Watch and share the special moment below:

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