He was left 47 starving days in a small life raft, but was finally rescued by the wrong army. Zamperini had landed onto a Japanese-controlled island, making him a prisoner of war for the rest of WWII. He was treated worse than an animal – forced to eat maggots, endured beatings, psychological abuse, and nearly froze to death from the cold many times.

These were only a few of the horrors he had to endure for 2 years, but he finally made it out alive. His awe-inspiring story was picked up by famous author Laura Hillenbrand who never actually met Louis while writing the book on his life, Unbroken.

Watch the video below as he finally gets to meet the author of his book after it was published. The heartwarming connection they have is just as amazing as his story.

Zamperini’s words, “If I can take it, I can make it” are truly courageous after knowing all that he went though. Louis is truly a brave and remarkable hero who deserves our respect – the world should acknowledge him and take something away from his life. Watch the video below and share this inspiring story with others!

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