The true story of George Mueller may surprise you.  It’s almost unbelievable what George ended up doing with his life after his rocky start!

It all started when he was born into a German tax collector’s family.  He got in trouble a lot, in fact at a early age he spent his time stealing, gambling, and drinking.  George was notorious for staying in expensive hotels, but then sneaking out without paying the bill and stealing things all along the way.

Finally George was caught and put in jail for his acts of crime, however this did him no good—he Immediately continued his spree of crime when he got out of jail!

If you saw George at this age, you wouldn’t imagine that he would turn out to do anything good in life, but thankfully it didn’t end here!

Many thought he would never stop his evil acts until one Saturday night in 1825 when he found a reason to change everything in his life; he was invited by a friend to a Bible study and he decided to go just to make fun of the Christians later, however it didn’t go as he had planned…

For the first time George realized that these “crazy Bible believers” we’re that “crazy” after all.  He discovered that his life could be filled with “real” purpose without committing crime.  He kept attending the Bible studies and by the end of the week, he knew that he had to change everything; he knew there was a better way and it didn’t end here…

You hard to imagine what he actually ended up doing with his life!

George no longer stole things, he no longer went to bars or used mind-altering drugs, he knew that this “crazy God stuff” had something that his previous life didn’t; a real purpose!

As many people would NOT expect, George decided to go to school.  He didn’t have any money to pay his tuition, so instead of stealing, he decided to pray!  “Just one hour later”, as documented in his book, there was a knock on his door, it was a professor that asked him if he wanted a paid tutoring job.  He was amazed that anyone would want to hire him given his past history and he gladly took the job!  It was his first direct answer to prayer, but it got even more amazing!

George committed his life to rescuing kids off the streets.  He built huge orphanages to rescue and save thousands of kids from starvation, frozen weather, and a lack of love.

George put his whole life into ministry to help orphaned kids that had no mother and needed love.

Like any person that truly has a connection with God, George wanted to help others with all his heart.  He didn’t care about money, or monetary good, because he saw that his good was in helping stranded kids that needed love even when he had no more money to keep going, God always found a way!

Many kids would starve because they had no parents to take care of them, but George was on a mission to rescue and save them. God blessed Mueller and through his years and housed more than 10,000 orphans, “prayed in” millions of dollars to build orphanages, traveled to scores of countries helping others, and recorded 50,000 answers to prayer in his journals.  Nobody can argue that this man didn’t truly care about others.  His true love was a reflection of the God he knew.

gm-orphansGeorge cared about others and gave love to countless thousands of poor stranded and abandoned children through his 93 years.

His love touched many and his incredible story has been told in many books around the world.

George was “rescued” when he went to that Bible study one evening, but he found his mission was to literally rescue others for his entire life!

No matter what you believe, you can’t deny George was a true heroSHARE this beautiful rescue story if you enjoyed! :)


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