You may have heard of Lee Strobel, highly recognized for his journalism and extensive experience in law, but recently he’s changed his viewpoint on God and religion, two subjects he previously had no use for.

There are some moments in life that define the rest of your life.  The pursuit of finding meaning in our lives is something that many choose to ignore, but it’s something that we all should take a closer look out, no matter where you come from, or your background.

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Lee used to be an atheist, however after his wife’s shocking announcement that she had become a Christian, Lee noticed several changed. She became more unselfish and loving towards him and their family, and Lee became curious as to what had changed her.

Like other skeptics, he thought of Christianity as a ‘cult’ filled with ridiculous lies that were based on pure imagination and fiction, but what he discovered was something different…

Just as any distinguished journalist or law professional, Lee decided to dig deeper and what he found truly convinced him that continuing to believe in atheism was actually more difficult then believing in Christianity; there was too many truths that actually pointed towards Christianity being based and rooted in truth.

Skeptics argue that it’s a bunch of “hogwash” but Lee’s story does make you think… Watch Video:

After Lee’s research, he found that there was so much physical evidence for actual events that were documented in the Bible like the parting of the Red Sea and others, that he decided that he couldn’t stay an atheist – he turned his life over to God and became a person of faith.

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