Instead of putting value on money, this man puts his people first.  He doesn’t put value on his appearance of his clothes and sometimes gets criticism for this, but he puts value on the most important thing; his people. jose-mujica-worlds-poorest-president-1 He is often seen wearing clothes that are less than desirable, but the people of Uruguay love him and he love them. jose-mujica-worlds-poorest-president-2 Before he became the president of Uruguay, he was a guerrilla fighter for Tupamaros.  He and his fellow fighters of Tupamaros acted like ‘Robin Hood.’ It might seem unbelievable, but they actually robbed evil banks, gun clubs, and other bad businesses and then gave this money to help and aid the poor. He truly put value in others.

Instead of keeping all the money he received through the years, it’s all been donated to worthy causes and to help the poor.

While serving as a guerrilla, he was imprisoned 2 times for a total of 14 years and shot 6 times after an escape attempt, But he’s still alive and continues to fight for the people even in his high office now as president of Uruguay. jose-mujica-worlds-poorest-president-3 Instead of buying a nicer house, or getting more material wealth with his money, he puts all of his efforts into the wellbeing of his country and people.

This man truly does deserve our respect! Mujica also has the opportunity to live in this beautiful Presidential house, but instead he has chosen a more humble place to live. He’s an example of true unselfishness and gives up his own comfort for the wellbeing of others. jose-mujica-worlds-poorest-president-4 To the surprise of many, jose lives on a farm with his wife and dog. He’s the only president in the entire world that has chosen such a lifestyle at his own expense for the benefit of others.

Instead of living in the fancy presidential house, he is currently turning it into a museum that pays honor to the past presidents of Uruguay.

There’s no reason for money, fame, or a fancy place to sleep when you can be humble and live on a farm all to honor your people.

This president lives the life of true unselfishness! jose-mujica-worlds-poorest-president-5 After working to help the people, jose works at his farm as a part time job.  This job keeps him aware of the struggles of others in his country.

To help support his little farm, he sells flowers and brings smiles to peoples faces. You can see him driving an old beat up 1987 Volkswagon Beetle.  He doesn’t need a fancy Bentley or Rolls Royce, because having an extravagant appearance is not his priority.

What matters most to Jose are his people and it’s evident by where he puts his time and money. jose-mujica-worlds-poorest-president-6 Jose is also known to pick up hitch hikers and help the homeless with the little money he does have.

You can see him with his 3 legged dog named Manuela as they walk just like another common person. His people are what matters and what matters are his people. jose-mujica-worlds-poorest-president-7 Even though Jose is know as the worlds poorest president, he strongly disagrees. He recently said: “I’m not the poorest president. The poorest is the one who needs a lot to live… My lifestyle is a consequence of my wounds. I’m the son of my history. There have been years when I would have been happy just to have a mattress.”

His love for his people makes his life complete, he doesn’t need money, he has true love and true love brings true happiness!

This president is a true example of how we should live our lives.  Many of us have resources and opportunities to help others, but we don’t, instead we buy more material ‘things’, which in the end never bring true happiness.

We don’t more things to be happy. Some of the most wealthy people in the world, have their wealth stored in the currency of unselfishness, kindness, and true love.

This ‘wealth’ lasts forever and brings true happiness which cannot be ‘bought’ by material means.

Maybe it’s time for a change? The world needs more people like this.  Do you agree?

If you agree, please share with your friends and spread his amazing story!

(via: Astoundable, viral nova, and other well-known news organizations.)

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