This amazing rescue story seemed to have a horrible end in sight, but sometimes God steps in and miracles can happen. This woman, an avid animal lover, tells a true story that is especially close to her heart. It’s about her rescue dog, Tuffy, a redbone hunting dog.


“Tuffy was about 10 years old when I was introduced to him. He spent his entire life on a 6 foot chain attached to a wooden box with a hole in it. This is a common practice for hunting dogs, the only time they are let off the chain is when they are actually hunting, bobcats, bear and cougars,” Giovannetti says.


She answered an ad in the paper looking for someone to feed their hounds while they were away. The three other dogs were friendly and very loving except for Tuffy. “He was very afraid of people. He would try to go as far away as his chain would let him and if you went up to him, he would cower down and shiver. Tuffy had the most sad but loving eyes and my heart just went out to him,” Giovannetti stated.


She tried sitting on top of his dog house and talking to him, but Tuffy was just too scared to come out. One day Giovannetti found out the dogs’s owner was sent to prison and the dogs needed a home. “The other three went to a hunting home but because of Tuffy’s age, he was not placed. I decided to take him in. I was told he could never be let off the chain, or he would run away, he could never be let in the house or he would pee on everything and he could never be a pet because he was a hunting dog,” she explained.


But after a few days of having him on the chain in her property, she decided to let him off the leash and see what would happen. “At first he ran around the property but he did come back. He seemed to know that I loved him and wanted to give him a freedom he never before experienced. It was at that time when he came up to me for the first time and laid at my feet with nothing but pure love in his eyes. I loved on him of course and then let him in my house and the rest is history,” she smiles.


The sweet dog was loyal and loving; he never needed a leash and would be right by Giovannetti when they’d go for walks. Unfortunately, when she took Tuffy to the vet, they discovered large tumors on his nose and testicles. The vet discovered it was cancer and “to just feed him whatever he wanted and make him as comfortable as possible because he didn’t have long to live.  She said there was nothing we could do because of the advanced stage,” she said sadly.


“The growth on the side of his nose was about the size of a nickel that was open and bloody. It just broke my heart. We didn’t have a lot of money for vet care, but in his case it didn’t matter anyway because his cancer was so advanced, there was nothing the vets could do anyway,” Giovannetti cried.


But God answered Giovannetti’s prayers for Tuffy! As this article was written, Tuffy’s tumors are all gone. Even the one on his nose is completely gone,” she marveled. At first, she thought she was imagining what she wanted to see, but as each day passed, it was more and more clear that God was healing Tuffy from his cancer!


“Most people I tell this story to look at me like I am crazy and don’t believe me, but that’s ok. I know it is true and give God the glory. There are many people who have witnessed Tuffy’s tumors and see him now that know its true,” Giovannetti says happily.


Matthew 6:26 says, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” God even meets the needs of the birds and sweet dogs like Tuffy, who are special and very loved to Him. How much more do you think He cares for you, His child?


God reminds us through these stories that he cares for all the animals and people in the world, and he sees every detail and every need. We can bring our concerns and cares about dogs like Tuffy or anything else to him. “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you,” 1 Peter 5:7

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