Cats are pretty agile and they’ve been known to have 9 lives, but this story is so crazy, even the vets can’t believe what actually happened!

It all started when someone noticed a cat falling 7 stories from a balcony, they immediately called animal control, but what they found is hard to believe.

Marty the cat fell from a 7-story apartment building, but is now being called “Marty the Miracle Cat” by many media outlets in Canada after his completely unexpected recovery!

Marty isn’t just a lucky cat, he’s a miracle cat!   It’s still unknown what may have happened, however when someone noticed the poor cat laying on the ground, they feared the worst and called animal control.


When animal control officers arrived, they found the poor Main Coon bleeding and bashed reports  Pet360 also reported “His jaw and several bones were broken. His hip was shattered and he had massive internal injuries, but staff at the animal hospital didn’t give up.”

The cat was named Marty by hospital staff and his past story is still a mystery, as officials are still searching for his owners.  But the one thing we do know is this had to been more than luck, cats haven’t been known to fall 7 stories and still survive well.  It’s just incredible and we believe a miracle from God!

We believe that God cares about animals too, even Marty the miracle cat!

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).
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Source & Photo: Maryanne Firth via Pet360

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