This young woman had just received her license 6 months ago when a terrible car crash left her and the two other passengers completely amazed at how they were still alive. Sam and her two friends, Kimi and Evan, decided to go shopping one day and took her Sam’s parents van to the mall.


As they were approaching the highway, “Something told me that Evan wasn’t wearing his seatbelt so I told him to put it on”, Sam said. He was in the back seat and Kimi was in the front seat, changing the CD. Sam carefully looked both ways before merging onto the highway and was just about to turn left when all of a sudden she heard metal scraping against metal.


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“We started to spin, I hit the curb flipped and rolled my mother’s van down an embankment,” Sam reported. “We missed the light pole by 2 feet and landed 2 feet away from the powerline pole in the ditch. We landed on two wheels, Kimi was hanging in her seat belt and Evan and I were leaning against the hole where the windows used to be. We crawled out and got Kimi out.”


When they managed to leave the car, people who saw the whole incident had stopped and called 911. As Sam looked at the damage to her car, she realized what she had hit. A loaded logging truck and its trailer had been speeding, and when they had collided, the van barely missed two poles by two feet.


Sam and her friends were taken to the hospital where her mother met them. “As my mom and I were talking about what happened she and I noticed that none of the airbags deployed and mine and Evans seatbelt came undone sometime during our flips and rolls. We all walked away with no injuries. Just a few scratches that you can’t even see now,” Sam stated in amazement. “The police officer and the paramedics don’t understand how we could have possible lived. We should not have lived.”


What are the chances that she would have sensed that her friend’s seatbelt needed to be buckled just before hitting a loaded log truck? And the fact that she should have hit a power pole and another pole but barely missed them by two feet is just incredible. The three young people were able to walk with just a few scratches. Everyone who saw the event was amazed they were still alive and barely hurt.


While many people might chalk this up to mere luck, it’s hard not to believe that someone is looking after us, someone much greater — our God in whom we can trust.


“All I know is that someone up there loves me and us and knew that it wasn’t mine or my friends time to go to our home in the sky,” Sam said. “So we got to stay in our rental home…earth.”


For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. Psalms 91:11-12

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